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Cygni in English

Cygni is a Stockholm based IT consulting company specialized in developing business-critical and high performance systems on modern platforms. Cygni was founded in 2006 and has since then grown organically to the current size of close to 80 employees.

Cygni is often engaged in leading and advisory roles by major Swedish companies hence our independence is of utmost importance to create credibility. Cygni will never act as a reseller or distributor of commercial products and that allows us to always focus on what’s best for our clients. Furthermore, Cygni advocates open source solutions whenever possible as a way of reducing costs and increasing quality and effectiveness of the projects. Therefore Cygni clients runs no risk of being trapped into a supplier dependency, any skilled Java developer could easily continue the development of a Cygni system since everything is built on open standards, well known design patterns and best practices.